Tessa Fowler Topless Room Service

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bill-swift - April 26, 2017

Tessa Fowler burst on the scene as a Playboy Coed and never quite unburst. Though that sensation of unbursting may still be quite noticeably inside the corduroys. Fowler and her magnificently mammoth mammaries and acute ginger top has made for many a happy moment for millions of fans looking to feel profoundly effected by her work.

In her latest bit of exhibitionist teasing fun, we're led to believe Fowler is stripping out of her clothes to lay across various hotel desks and assorted other furniture. It's an odd looking hotel room, but it may have been an office or a police cell ten minutes earlier. You need to be flexible with your sets. More important to our causes, those dangling lust inducing teats on Tessa that scream for various means of attention. You can imagine at least eleven yourself if you're half good at imagining. Tessa, thank you for being you. And for being you without clothes on, double thanks. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Tessa Fowler