Teya Kaye Lathered Up For Topless Carwash

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bill-swift - March 24, 2016

I wash my car at least once a year so I'm kind of an expert when it comes to vehicle maintenance. I wouldn't recommend the Teya Kaye method of car washing unless you're one hot bodaciously stacked blonde then, by all means, begin the process by sudsing up your naked body in front of an oil derrick. Yes, you do need the oil rigging. Don't ask why, just take off your clothes and soap up that sponge.

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In this Playboy Plus shoot, Teya Kaye seems like she takes her cleaning very seriously. Ironic since all I can think of are dirty thoughts while perusing up and down her soapy sextastic body. I'm pretty sure she missed a couple spots. If I could just get in there and... yes that is my hand. How do you think I get all the little important spots? Precisely. Now, smile and go to a happy place. Uncle Bill is throwing in the Turtle Wax for free. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus