TGIF Marisa Papen Crazy Hot and Topless

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bill-swift - January 23, 2016

Marisa Papen and I have formed a special bond over these past few months. I continue to send her completely romantic love letters and poems and she continues not to open them. Obviously, she knows she'd be swept away with my artistry and the many ways in which I am able to rhyme the word 'vulva' in context. I don't blame her. Though I wish it were different.

In these hot shot of the Belgian beauty all kinds of topless and wonderful from Erik Tranberg, you can see yet again that the source of my obsession is in the least, understandable. Though clearly not diminishable. Not if Marisa keeps showing off her stellar hot body and expecting me to sit in my seat like a good little boy. It's a La-Z-Boy recliner and I'm very naughty. Marisa, please, read my notes and then fly to Los Angeles and run into my arms while entirely naked. I think LAX allows that curbside. So damn hot! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Erik Tranberg

My sweet sweet Marisa...