The Best TV Shows of 2020!

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Tex Hollywood - January 6, 2021

The good people at MR SKIN have put out their round-up of the best shows of 2020, and the good news about that is that what they consider the best shows of 2020 come down to one very important thing....nudity.

They've compiled the best shows putting out the best nude scenes of 2020, which means that these may not be the best shows to sit down and binge, you know since acting, plot, editing, production design and all the other elements that make a great show great aren't necessarily factored into this list, and rightfully so, who cares about all that artistry and noise, we're here for the nudity!!

It is safe to assume that the more sexualized our society is, and it's pretty sexualized thanks to porn, self produced porn being sold on fan sites, and all that other good stuff that makes us a gang of perverts, 2021 will bring a lot more nudity in high profile shows, it's just the cycle we're in right now and that's a lot of fun, but 2020 did not disappoint in lifting our spirits the right way, through celebrity nudity.

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