The Time Is Nigh, Get Your Damn Mr. Skin $99 Lifetime Membership Now!

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bill-swift - May 28, 2016

The Memorial Day Weekend has begun, and while I will be working Monday, that doesn't mean I've not turned Friday into a Saturday and started in with the Coors Lights instead of milk in my cereal. It sounds horrible. It actually is, for the first three bowls. 

This is it. The Memorial Day weekend means almost no time left to get your Lifetime, no re-bills ever, $99 membership to Mr. Skin. The Happiest Place on Earth. What do you mean Disney is going to sue me? The point is, if you've EVER considered getting into something fun like Mr. Skin, now is the time. Ninety-nine bucks, one time, nothing more, ever, for a lifetime of naked celebrity goodness. Consider this a reminder from your Uncle Bill. Enjoy.