There Was A Lot More Nudity On The Deuce If You Care

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earl-jonas - October 23, 2019

The HBO retro porn series The Deuce has saturated the market on television nudity, which is much welcomed, especially since torture porn series Game of Thornes is long behind us. Our weekly The Deuce updates are starting to feel a little repetitive, but I was raised to never look at gift boob in the mouth. So here we go. Emily Meade continues to be the MVP - most valuable pornstar - on The Deuce, and this week got banged on all fours with her nice jiggly triangles out for us to see.

And let's give Francine Daveta some encouragement. She had her first nude scene in her career history this week by showing her tight little craisins while pole dancing. We'll see you next week on The Deuce pornographic roundup.

Francine Daveta


Emily Meade

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