Throwback Thursday: Marilyn Monroe’s Nude Scene In Never-Seen Movie “Something’s Got To Give”

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earl-jonas - July 18, 2019


Marilyn Monroe was truly one of the greatest beauties in Hollywood history, and what's truly amazing is that her hottest nude scene to date was filmed just before she turned thirty-six-years-old. Only months before her death. While thirty-six is far, far from old, anyone can be sexy in their twenties. But being your hottest in your mid-thirties means that you have something special.



The nude scene was shot for the never-released movie Something's Got To Give, and originally involved Monroe donning a sheer bodysuit to give the illusion of nudity while swimming in a pool. However, the flirty Marilyn was having so much fun filming the scene that she stripped nude. She *just so happened* to have photographers on set, and the images they shot made headlines the following day. This good publicity was welcomed by studio execs, as it occurred in the middle of Monroe's increasingly sporadic appearances on set that jeopardized the film's shooting schedule and profits.


If you want to know why I'm such a Marilyn Monroe aficionado all of a sudden, it's because I've been lighting a match to time recently by watching grainy bootleg documentaries on YouTube, and this one (above) about Marilyn's final days really resonated with me. Maybe it's because the compelling, tragic story is as iconically Hollywood as you can get. Maybe it's boob. IDK. But I like it. I love it. Frankly, I want some more of it. So here's Marilyn Monroe's infamous nude scene in the permanently-shelved movie Something's Got To Give.

Photos courtesy of Mr. Skin