Top 5 Hottest Zombie Babes!

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Tex Hollywood - October 16, 2020

I don't know about you, but where I'm from, there's this thing called Halloween. It's a holiday where people everywhere dress up in costumes, sometimes silly costumes to get a laugh, sometimes scary costumes to spook you out but often slutty costumes. It's was the one time a year people could get away with being racier than usual shamelessly, you know the ultimate excuse to tap tap into the core of who they were or wanted to be and a way to show off their pilates body. Then instagram happened, and Halloween became every day, but that doesn't mean October and its spooky vibes need to be discounted, it just means that people in October need to NEXT level the costumes because if everyday is treated like halloween, actual Halloween better be everyday on steroids!

The point is, a great time to cuddle up with a good Horror movie, and what better horror movie to cuddle up to that some zombie flicks.

Or if you're like me, just take the list compiled by MR SKIN from their database of movie nudity, to see the best part or at least the Top 5 nude moments in Zombie movies, which is far more rewarding then sitting through all those terrible movies, when you've got a costume to plan and candy to eat, plus you've been re-watching GLEE as you do every year and you'd hate to throw off that binge. Weirdo.



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