Top 5 Massage Scenes in Movies!

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Tex Hollywood - September 11, 2020

The good people at MR SKIN who at this stage of the game are the unrivaled masters of celebrity nudity documenting. The are the Library of Congress of celebrity Nudity, not that I know what the Library of Congress is, but I do know that they have basically every nude scene ever categorized and for someone who only rented movies in the 90s based on nudity, that's some real valuable information to have.

This week, they've put together the best of massages on screen, some far racier massages than other, all worth watching, which we can't say for the movies they are from, but that's not the point of this awesome top 5 list!

Enjoy and be sure to Dig Deeper into the archives of celebrity nudity, just SMASH THIS LINK BUTTON!


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