Top 5 Nude Actresses over Six Feet Tall!

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Tex Hollywood - February 19, 2021

Tall Ladies!!

I know that there is an Amazon fetish out there, you know, the dudes who just like really tall and substantial women, despite being 5 foot 6 tall. There's also tall guys who need tall wives to make tall kids with too. Then there's the whole models being near or over 6 foot and their bodies being projected into our lives on the regular, normalizing the tall woman. So tall women matter.

Surprisingly, there are actresses that are over 6 feet tall, which is only surprising because I've always been told actors are short to fit more into the frame, and with short actors, you'd generally not want the leading lady to overpower them, which I guess they've done a great job of since I had no idea that Sigourney Weaver and Uma Thurman were over 6 feet tall before seeing this video put together by the people at MR SKIN who have the ultimate database on celebrity nudity!!

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