Top Ten Hottest Amandas

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rusty-mattis - August 3, 2018

There are songs about girls named Brandy, Bernadette, Cecilia, Peggy Sue, Susie Q, Gloria, Angie, and even Jolene. For some reasons there is only one song about girls named Amanda (it's by Wylon Jennings). We should really have more songs about girls named Amanda because there are so many sexy Amandas out there. There needs to be a song for every single one of them.

I guess like you've gotta have some kind of personal connection to a lady to write a song about her, but really who doesn't have a connection with an Amanda. You don't have to know an Amanda to be in love with one. We all have a crush on an Amanda, there's no way around this one. Maybe it's one of those things that since you don't know any of these Amandas on a personal level you just name your car or bike or something else after them. That makes sense to me. Here are my picks for the hottest Amandas around.

10. Amanda Bynes

9. Amanda Aday

8. Amanda Cerny

7. Amanda Schull

6. Amanda Crew

5. Amanda Fuller

4. Amanda Palmer

3. Amanda Righetti

2. Amanda Seyfried

1. Amanda Peet

All these Amandas make me want to pick up a six-string and write a song, but I don't know how to play guitar or write a song. Guess I'll just keep loving these Amandas the only way I know how, naming stuff after them.

photos via Mr. Skin.