Top Ten Sexiest Brookes

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rusty-mattis - November 16, 2018

For a while there it seemed like everyone was named Brooke. I've known so many different Brookes in my life I often get them confused. It doesn't help that a lot of the Brookes I know are blondes, I'm talking like 3 out of 4 Brookes are blonde. Now, I know in the world there are blonde Brookes, brunette Brookes, and I'm sure redhead Brookes and they are sexy. Let's give all the Brookes a special shout out by counting down the Top Ten Sexiest Brookes.

I'm pretty sure there was a decade long period where we all had a crush on a celebrity named Brooke. It wouldn't surprise me that certain Brookes crushes last longer than a decade. There are some pretty sexy Brookes out there. I bet that's why the name isn't as popular anymore. Brooke is a pretty sexy name to live up to. Speaking of Brookes, here is list:

10. Brooke Smith

9. Brooke Langton

8. Brooke Williams

7. Brooke Lyons

6. Brooke D'Orsay

5. Brooke Shields

4. Brooke Burke Charvet

3. Brooke Butler

2. Brooke Nevin

1. Brooke Bloom

Yeah, I'm kind of thinking it might be time for a Brooke comeback. We need a new wave of super sexy Brookes in our lives. Let's all keep our fingers crossed. Oh, and let me know if I skipped your favorite Brooke.

photos via Mr. Skin.