Topless Hot Moments From ‘Paradise Hotel’

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bill-swift - May 3, 2016

Remember every time I say reality TV is just a massive drop of craptastic on the planetary landscape, then I always am certain to mention the slough of sextastic women these shows both domestic and abroad bring to our view-front. As in the Paradise Hotel, the Danish edition of the popular U.S. and U.K. show that is about people in a hotel doing something for some reason that makes no sense other than that they're mostly attractive and the women often get naked. At least in the wildly popular Denmark version.

There's something to be said for any kind of TV content featuring tons of stacked Nordic women without their clothes on. That something is 'watchable'. Oh, sure, you maybe can't commit to 20 seasons of full-time viewing, but you must, really must, at least commit to checking out some of the finer funbag moments from Season 13 of Paradise Hotel. This has zero to do with unblocking Bravo! from your remote channels. That's still a solid idea. But Scandinavian reality TV programming? Keep your minds and eyeballs open. Enjoy

Photo Credit: 'Paradise Hotel' Denmark TV3