Torrie is INKED!

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Tex Hollywood - October 13, 2020

I am not one for Inked up girls, it's not my vibe at all, I blame my evil stepmother who used to make me scrub and polish out the the scuff marks out of the vestibule floor. For whatever reason, tattoos trigger me and make me want to bust out my Windex and sponge.

That said, I know there's a whole community of dudes into girls with crazy tattoos and this babe's got some crazy tattoos, so as an outsider to the INKED community, I'm throwing this shoot out there for the Inked community, because even if it is totally out of my wheelhouse and interests, this is some crazy level of tattoos.

The models name is Torrie Blake and you can find her on INSTAGRAM where we see that she is a little country and a little Rock and Roll!


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