Vanessa Hudgens is Street Walking in a Little Black Dress!

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Tex Hollywood - December 9, 2020

Vanessa Hudgens posted this video of her channeling Posh Spice with her Posh Spice haircut at what I'll assume was her hosting gig for MTV this past weekend, so it's not a new video, but it was only posted on her social media today. I guess she was into her look and so are we!!

The High School Musical graduate has really pulled through this year during the Pandemic. Early the year she broke up with her longtime boyfriend and realized what is important in life and I guess in career. Social media.

Seeing as she was a Disney trained personality, producing good content for social media must be pretty easy. No lines need to be memorized. Her team is filled with pros. It is easy to put other untrained, unconnected people to shame! Or at least let them know she means business.

I think it's been a banner year for her. She looks great, she's making great content for her huge fanbase, and since Social Media dictates what goes on in Hollywood now, she'll get way more opportunity. It's almost as if she should have started this up 5 years ago, but at least she's doing it now!


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