Vanessa Paradis Uncensored For Vogue Paris

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bill-swift - December 5, 2015

Vanessa Paradis Uncensored For Vogue Paris

Long time model and actress and former Johnny Depp long time common law wife Vanessa Paradis is just one natural veteran hottie. She's got very few boundaries when it comes to showing off, past, present, or I suppose in the future.

Vanessa modeled for Vogue Paris in a photo that was originally released censored, but I refused to take any more naps until such time as it was found uncensored, and, voila. I really do miss my naps. But Vanessa just had to be seen in the buff. This isn't Sesame Street. Or every other men's magazine out there these days. The funbags the thing! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vogue Paris