Viktoria Ly Shows You How It’s Done in Mykonos!

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Tex Hollywood - November 19, 2020

I know when I think of Mykonos, I have visions of Lindsay Lohan at her "Beach Club" on her failed MTV show that I am sure was supposed to revive her career, I mean she did get to do a media tour around it and have awkward dance videos to someone saying "That's how you throw a party in Mykonos Bitch"...

I guess Mykonos may mean a lot of things to a lot of different people, from college backpacking Europe adventures, to high end luxury vacations, Greece brings it. Plus all that Souvlaki's not bad either.

I have never been to Greece and with COVID, I can't imagine every leaving my homestead, but apparently this is also how you throw a party in. Mykonos bitch, at least according to model VIKTORIA LY ...who is naked.

This is from the people at YUME MAGAZINE


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