Watch Alexis Ren Workout!

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Echo Lawrence - November 12, 2020

I probably should have posted this earlier today, you know as something to start your day watching and participating in, even if your idea of a workout while watching a babe like Alexis Ren demonstrate workout differs from actually doing the workout!

Alexis Ren, as we all know was probably the first "models" of instagram to really go viral for her epic travel content she was producing with her boyfriend. It landed her on Dancing with the Stars thanks to her millions of followers for making her a start and since those days she's been consistently hot. Some argue about her breast implants or the possible face injections, but all the girls are doing it, it's really just the trend, so don't hold it against her.

Instead, let her help you get in shape, because fitness is the source to all things good in your life, so maybe instead of doing your idea of a workout to this as you eat your potato chips, you should workout along with her because fitness is so important. She also offers you an ASMR style voice over about the workout moves, some mindfullness, it's all quite eye opening, even a spiritual experience. I know it changed my opinion of Alexis Ren because these workouts are actually practical, not just hot!

Maybe this is the Jane Fonda of her generation! I subscribe.

good old fashioned High Intensity Training


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