Wei Lee is Hot in a Sheer Top Photoshoot

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egoadmin - February 7, 2020

I have no idea who Wei Lee is. I don't even know if she's Chinese. But I'll just pretend she is to celebrate the Corona Virus. You know make her the mascot of the Corona Virus, at least on this site, you know, because she's Asian and Amazing.

I know that even the most racist of people have found hotness in other ethnicities, so I am all for a diverse range of ladies to grace these pages. All this lack of representation thing never really made sense to me because I've been seeing hot girls of every ethnicity all over the internet since the start of the internet.

So support all people if they are attractive, in photoshoots getting naked or half naked, and even if Wei Lee had the corona virus I am sure we'd all be willing to lick it off her. We are sick people and all it takes is hotness.