Yana West Undressed Reveals Her Breast And Her… Nest?

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earl-jonas - April 29, 2019

Playboy Plus, you've done it again. My favorite place to find gorgeous girls fully nude recently brought us the lovely Yana West. Her body is toned to within an inch of its life, she has perfect perky breasts and a plump rump, and she isn't afraid to show off one centimeter of what the good Lord of Horniness gave her. In the shoot, West strips out of her blue bikini to avoid those pesky tan lines. Photographer Henrik Pfeifer artfully captures Yana's seductive personality and, again, body that - if it were to be more toned - would turn inside out. Yana says of her time with Playboy Plus:

I love all of my body. I take my clothes off and I’m feeling good.

Okay. Wow. You know when you think you've met the perfect girl, but you have nothing in common? That won't be a problem with Yana West...

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