Yanet Garcia is Still The Worlds Hottest Weather Woman

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Echo Lawrence - March 25, 2020

Yanet Garcia is a public figure, a trainer, a model, an influencer, an actress, a TV host...but more importantly, at least for the sake of this post, she's an amazing booty. Like a really amazing booty. The kind of booty you don't believe is real. The kind of booty that I am sure helped her reach her 13 million followers.

I don't know if her animal print outfit is because she's wild and exotic, maybe even ENDANGERED now that humans are in an Outbreak. Maybe she just watched Tiger King with the rest of the world. What else are we to do in these dark times.

I just know, her at home workouts are the fitness inspo I need, not to get motivated to start working out, but to stare at.

She recently posted a before and after of her, so you know she built an ass:

The world's hottest weather woman, can doesn't need to give me the weather, since we know if she's involved it is going to be hot.


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