You Crave Big Boobs, Full Beavs, And Lez Action, And Well, These Ladies Deliver

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earl-jonas - October 7, 2019


Playboy Plus models Angel and Miluniel understand that we're not complex creatures. We want tig ol bitties and maj beav and lesbian action, and boy do these girls deliver. They both have full natural breasts and even go nip to nip while exploring their forbidden friendship with one another. No one knows a woman's body like another woman, and these two do all the porny softcore caressing that all best lady friends do on the reg. Right? This is what happens when all women hang out together ever? Angel and Miluniel really do have it going on, and we can't imagine a spread more befitting of their unique contributions to modeling. You're going to like the way they look. I guarantee it.

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus