Zhao Wei Yi Topless In Nature

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bill-swift - March 25, 2016

Busty Asian Girls. There may be no three finer words in the English language about nothing to do with English speaking women. Well, perhaps Topless Busty Asian Models. That does sound a notch higher. Take for instance, Zhao Wei Yi. One super fine Chinese model who surely must be the talk of Beijing or at least the young teen boys there decided on the precise moment they wish to become men. Maybe riding Zhao on your bicycle after school to the local out of the way creek and laying in the sun as she announces she hates tan lines and is it okay if she takes off her top. Don't answer. Just nod. I'm giving fantasy advice now.

In her most current work, Zhao is out in just such a natural setting showing off he epic sweet body to remind us that sextatic and fine female inspiring forms exist the entire world over, on every continent and in every nation. There is so much titillation in this world that people have had to invent mystical reasons to disregard it. That makes such little sense to me I can't express the depths. A woman like Zhao was blessed with this heavenly body. Smoking hot. Share it with the world Zhao and make us whole again. Also, boners. There's that. Enjoy.