Zippora Seven See Through to the Goodness

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bill-swift - November 2, 2016

Aussie hottie model and former scandal princess for her lack of precise age earlier in her photo modeling career, Zippora Seven, comes out with yet another examplary sampling of her hot body and sextastic showoff skills in this featurette in Love and Object. While not entirely topless, Zippora's see-through diaphanous dress is more than revealing of her precious treats beneath.

As this luscious model puts a few years of living and experience upon her, she's becoming that much more alluring. Reminding us all that while the beauty of youth is certainly captivating, there's something to be said for the maturing young woman, wise in her ways, purposeful in her gaze, and wicked in her flashing of one helluva body. I'm feeling the tingles coming on, Zippora. Would you happen to be available for a scratch? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Love And Object