4 Ladies Nude by the Pool

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Tex Hollywood - February 4, 2020

The models are Justine, Kelly Lauren, Kanan, and Finna Christensen.

The photographer is Jessica Wertheim

I don't know any of these people, but it looks like they got themselves a nice Villa rental with a pool for their shoot, got everyone naked for their shoot, and when 4 girls are naked together in some lovely travel brochure quality setting, you know it's a good time even if we can't see their fully nude bodies.

You see, it's better than any tropical vacation I've been on, where the only naked body is my friend I'm sharing a room with passed out drunk on the bathroom floor covered in his own shit thanks to the hepatitis water. But then again, I haven't been to an all-inclusive resort since college, probably because I was sharing a room with that college friend I am no longer friends with.


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