Actress Blanca Blanco Wardrobe Malfunction In Her Own Kitchen Shows Side Boob Nip Slip

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aldo-vallon - January 17, 2019

This is really pushing the boundaries for the definition of a nip slip. I do not feel like anything is actually slipping out in these photos.

When a person wears a cut-off shirt with no bra they know exactly what is going to be visible, Blanca Blanco is doing everything in her power to make it so. She is performing a wider range of motion in her own kitchen than I perform at the gym, which is making me feel ashamed. I do not need her making me feel bad about myself just because I do not have the flexibility to see what is inside my own fridge. I’ve learned to live with my disability by making a game out of it. I blindly reach inside and have to make a meal out of whatever I grab. It isn’t a fun game.

One thing that I can do, and have done, is feed myself grapes. I guess Blanca isn’t that much better than me. I know feeding yourself grapes is not as sexy as having someone else feed you grapes, but Blanca has made up for it by giving herself a mouthful. That’s the kind of innovation we need more of.



Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA / Backgrid USA