Actress Valerie Niehaus Takes It All Off In Some German Movie

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aldo-vallon - November 12, 2017

All a viewer should need in a synopsis for a movie in order to get them to watch it is for there to be a reference to it being made by Germans. That alone will let them know that some freaky stuff is sure to be held within its frames. It is universally acknowledged that the Germans are the strangest of all known people. And I mean that as a compliment with the utmost respect. In my opinion if they did not want this reputation then they never should have invented bratwurst and lederhosen. But it is too late to undo any of that. All they can do now is embrace it and try to capitalize off it as much as they can, which they are hopefully doing in this movie. As a rule of thumb I usually do not watch movies if I cannot even pronounce the title, but Valerie Niehaus makes a good case for me to give that up altogether. How many naked bodies have I missed out on due to my ignorance?  

Photo Credit: Meine fremde Freundin (2017)