Adeline Guas Nude Near the Water

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aldo-vallon - August 27, 2017

 If Adeline Guas is not careful some man searching for expensive seashells is going to come along and mistake her for a starfish. Thinking he hit the mother load he is going to snatch her up and try selling her in his roadside stand to a tourist looking to bring home a souvenir. She would be quite the find out there. Most of those shops only have an endless supply of t-shirts with dirty euphemisms and shark teeth necklaces. Back in the day I did rock one of those t-shirts from time to time, but I would have been much more satisfied with her. I probably would not have outgrown her in a year either. 

That water sure does look good. I especially like how the clarity of it does not obscure her body at all. I hate when a woman finally strips down for a skinny dip but then once she gets in the water it is so murky that you cannot see any of the good bits. What does it even matter that they are naked at that point? If I wanted to not see naked boobs I could have gone to a bar and gotten a buzz.


Photo Credit: Guillaume Gaubert