Adriana Cernanova Topless Reflections

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brian-mcgee - June 29, 2017

Stunning Czech beauty Adriana Cernanova knows that when you're super hot, you don't need to do much more than spend the day staring at your own nude reflection in the mirror. There's that old saying that "If I were her and I looked this incredible nude, I'd never leave the house," but it appears to have borne itself out in this smoking hot pictorial for GQ Portugal.

There's another conundrum at play here, and that is that we're staring at Adriana Cernanova naked as she stares at herself naked, which adds another level of sexy voyeurism to things. Seeing Adriana Cernanova nude as she's seeing herself nude is like in a Hitchcock movie where they tie you up in a rubber bag and throw you in the trunk of a car. You find people.

Try not to get too lost in the layers of voyeurism at play here, but rather let the images of Adriana Cernanova nude and enjoying the view of her nude body wash over you. Speaking of washing, I would encourage you to wash up after you do that. It can be a messy affair when there's someone this incredible involved. Enjoy!

Images via GQ Portugal