Alana Blanchard Can Ride My Wave Anytime And Other Fine Things To Ogle

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bill-swift - January 1, 2016

Surfing hottie Alana Blanchard lingeries for Stab Magazine. (Hollywood Tuna)

Devin Brugman can barely contain her yum yums in a pink bikini. (Egotastic)

Ellie Goulding in a bikini makes my mouth water. (TMZ)

Guns N Roses is reuniting. What could go wrong? (Last Men On Earth)

Hilary Duff in a see-through shirt? Don't mind if I do. (WWTDD)

Jennifer Lopez forgot to wear a shirt under her jacket again. (Drunken Stepfather)

Hotties should make a new year's resolution to wear less bras. (The Chive)