Alen Lugovtsova Topless and Blonde

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aldo-vallon - September 13, 2017

 One of the common problems I have with these photo shoots is that it is so hard to tell the real size of the women captured in them. There is no frame of reference so these women could be anywhere from four feet to eight feet tall. Now you may be thinking, "Aldo, how could that possibly affect your ability to enjoy these pictures?" To that I say, "Not at all." But it does lead to a lot of unnecessary thinking and that makes my brain hurt. 

In the situations where the size of the woman is not explicitly stated I am forced to get creative and look for other cues. Sometimes I can find a banana in the background, or a pen. Both work well to give me an idea of what she is working with. In this situation I can only see the shirt she has on. I am forced to assume that it is a regulation basketball net because it is the only logical conclusion a man can come to. Therefore, this woman is probably around three feet tall. Not within my usual target, but who am I to be picky?


Photo Credit: Roman Mitchenko