Alexa Chung Topless For Vogue

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bill-swift - May 15, 2017

People often ask me, hey, Bill, you got that money you owe me. But after that, the second most common question I get is, how can you wade through so much women's fashion material and not become despondent. It's true to some extent. Pouring over thousands of pages of images of beautiful women overly-dressed and overly-artfully produced into some silly bits of convoluted imagery for the sole purposes of clothing sales can be depressing. But I try to rise above it all, knowing, just knowing, somewhere in these pages of unduly and unholy covered beauties is that nugget of gold. Eureka!

Fashion magnate and Vogue editor at large Alexa Chung took to the pages of her own British magazine in a style shoot that while completely moronic to the male brain, produced an image of Alexa udderly topless and brilliantly boobtastic. A totally worthwhile bit of magic within an otherwise overly clad scheme of style pimping. Those sweet teats represent the holy grail of why I take on such extended quests in the first place. I do it all for the nookie. And amazing mams of lust inducing ladies we've been waiting ever so long to leer properly. Am I crying? That's none of your business. Pass the hankie. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Vogue UK