Alexa Chung’s Unsung Nipples Make An Appearance At Paris Fashion Week

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earl-jonas - March 5, 2019

Alexa Chung is a thirty-five-year-old fashionista who's popular among the upper echelon fashion elite. She's a writer, lifestyle guru, designer, etc. But now she finally has a line on her résumé that she can be proud of. She's on Egotastic All Stars! Chung might have donned this see-through seafoam green Stella McCartney dress as a fashion statement, but her sex appeal is undeniable here, and her boobs are pretty darn great. Perky with perfectly petite nips. Also, if she ever transitioned into the adult industry, she could have a signature climax called the Chung shot. Do with that info what you wish.

Photo Credit: MEGA