Alexa Mulina is Festive in the Bathroom

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Tex Hollywood - January 1, 2020

Happy New Year 2020. If you're not too hung over or exhausted from everyone talking about themselves on social media like we care. Here's a shoot to get you through the day or until we go back to regular programming!

The model's name is Alexa Mulina this is her INSTAGRAM . She seems Russian.

I find Instagram photoshoots pretty funny. I am all for people trying to be creative. I am all for people spending their time producing content. Especially when it involves getting naked for that content. I am all for people trying to get as much reach and exposure for themselves with that content. It's an aesthetic.

I just like to look at things from a "story" perspective. I need a beginning, middle and end. It is just how I am trained I guess.

So girl outside bathroom with a gun, to girl in bathroom on all fours with a black tongue, to girl in a shower with pink Christmas Garland...makes zero fucking sense to me.

Not mad it happened though, just confused.