Alexa Reynen Topless Sweet Blonde Wonderments

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bill-swift - April 17, 2017

If young hot and bothering you kind of model Alexa Reynen is reminding you of a certain blonde hottie from Game of Thrones who also likes to remove her top when the role calls for it, that's because I just decided she looks a lot like Emilia Clarke. Or at least I'm imagining we all get to know each other watching HBO on a Sunday evening while naked and sipping cocktails. I can't afford much, so maybe Jager and soda. That's how you know if a girl is really into you. Why is she leaving so early?

Alexa looks downright upright sextastic in these teasing perfect mini-pictorial from Christopher von Steinbach. I'm not sure what her next photo assignment is, but I recommend eve less clothing and more photos? I know, I'm a gourmand of the gorgeous lady types. Alexa, welcome to Egotastic. Linger awhile. The cheese platters haven't even arrived yet. You're going to love my spice gouda. That's not a pun. But if it were, it would be the worst one ever invented. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Christopher Von Steinbach