Alexis Bumgarner in the Bath

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egoadmin - January 29, 2020

Alexis Bumgarner is pretty big on INSTAGRAM because the Los Angeles based model does half naked shoots and that is still the fast track way to get noticed in this world. Despite everyone being uptight about the sexualization of the woman form, it is more socially acceptable to use the woman form to get attention. So there is more and more nude photoshoots happening everyday because of it. You see they realize it gets them noticed and if they pretend it is for a higher purpose it's almost a valid excuse so they don't think they are shameless and that alone is AWESOME!!

Because we get to see them naked.

This one charges between 20 and 45 dollars a month on her subscription site, for you to see more of her porn she doesn't consider porn and 43 idiots are actually paying her. Better than working as a cocktail waitress I guess!!

The fact her name is BUM makes it better.