Alice Goodwin Topless Pictures Prove It’s Never Too Late for a Calendar

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bill-swift - January 7, 2011

Okay, so it's already 2011, and perhaps part of January has already been placed in life's rearview mirror, but if you've still yet to acquire your calendar of days for the current year, you could do much worse than this amazing Alice Goodwin topless calendar. Sure, you might not want to put this up at the office, or around the wife or girlfriend, or mom, or the neighbor lady who already thinks you're a sexual deviant of some kind because of the magazines she sees coming to your house (stop spying on me and my Spanking Bear periodicals, Mrs. Mertaw!), but, you know, somewhere, secrete this puppy and refer to it every Monday, Thursday, and occasional Saturday to remind yourself the month and date and the fact that British model Alice Goodwin is utterly sextastic with a ridiculously hot pair of funbags. Enjoy.


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