Alicia Arden and Rena Riffel Get Out The Vote In Assless, Topless Tease

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brian-mcgee - November 6, 2018

Remember Rock the Vote? Well, Alicia Arden and Rena Riffel want to help you cock the vote with these sexy, last minute appeals for Americans to exercise one of their most fundamental Constitutional rights today.

The Baywatch and Showgirls stars—respectively—are putting on one hell of a sexy good show, using "I Voted" stickers in new and interesting ways. Here in Chicago they give us these stupid bracelets that I never put on right and always leave me missing a bunch of hair around my wrist.

I guess that's better than having sticker residue on your nipples or ass cheeks, though. Those things have got to hurt if you pull them off hard enough, though maybe the pain/pleasure principle is nicely balanced for these two beauties.

Thanks to Alicia Arden and Rena Riffel for the friendly and sexy reminder that our democracy is fragile. Not as fragile as my wrists or Rena's nips, but fragile nonetheless. I don't know if sticking stickers on your ass really conveys that message, but it's the best I can come up with on short notice. Go out there and cock the vote already!

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Photo Credit: Splash News