Alicia Arden Gets Nipply On A Hot L.A. Day

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earl-jonas - April 10, 2019

When Egotastic All Stars superstar Alicia Arden comes out to play, we all win. The snarky starlet was all smiles as she posed for the paps in just her freshly-shorn Daisy Dukes and sheer Creamsicle tube top. Los Angeles has been experiencing a bit of a heat wave recently (from what I hear. Writing this from 40° Chicago, a heat wave isn't something I can relate to or even fathom) and Alicia is the last person who is going to let prudish clothing standards get between her skin and a refreshing breeze. Arden pretty much fully out here, and her sensible styling is our gain. Who else is in the mood for a Creamsicle all of a sudden...

Photo Credit: MEGA