Alina Boyko on a Boat!

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Echo Lawrence - December 4, 2020

Alina Boyko is luckily not a Lena Dunham, which as far as I am concerned is the single most important thing all women who are not Lena Dunham must remind themselves since she's the worst!

Alina Boyko is a model from the Ukraine who moved to Portugal when she was 16. She has done photoshoots for magazines like Elle Portugal because she's a hot model, she's also been in a few editions of Vogue so you know she's legit, assuming you think Vogue is legit, when they do feature instagrammers and Kardashians, which would make you, or at least make me think they are chasing the clout. But still an accomplishment for our new found love, Alina!!

She seems to be based in Turkey now, that's what I'm seeing on her INSTAGRAM but where she is doesn't matter, what matters is what photoshoots she's been hot in!

This is a shoot of her on a boat, living the best quarantine life!


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