Alison Haislip Throwback Covered Topless Hotness

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bill-swift - November 6, 2012

For many of you, Alison Haislip became a fap d'jour about the time five years ago she joined the hot-nerd army over at G4 as an occasional correspondent and guest host. But, for those of you fortunately unfortunate enough to have seen Alison's earlier film work in the critically unacclaimed Blockbuster bottom-shelver, Hotties, from 2004, then you missed a solid four year run of virtually undressing Alison Haislip in your mind's private after-show parties.

And, now this. Oh, happy days. Thank you to EgoReader 'Bill J.' who filled our hearts with lust this morning courtesy of this 2005 Pop magazine covered topless photo pictorial of Alison Haislip looking all kinds of nerdy magically hot. Let' not forget that before this blonde Jersey girl was making a name for herself among the fanboy community, she was cutting her teeth on the mean streets of 'trying to make it in Hollywood' and that inevitably means some sexy photoshoots you don't necessarily tell grandma about. Unless it's my grandma, then she's the one with the camera helping me lure the young ladies into my basement studio. Thanks, Gramms. And thank you, Alison Haislip. Enjoy.