All The Very Best Of: Pamela Price’s Nude Scenes In Film

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aldo-vallon - April 27, 2018

If you squint your eyes just right then Pamela Price’s torso looks like a hippie trying to take a toke of a blunt. That neither adds to nor detracts from Pamela’s overall appeal, I just thought it was an interesting fact worthy of being noted. I know that if my torso or any other part of me looked like a face, besides my actual face, then I would want to know about it.

I consider that bit of knowledge to be as good as an Easter egg in a movie, like when a phone number is shown. Usually if you call the number then you end up being put through to some promotion for the movie and you can sometimes get set up with free memorabilia. There is a slight chance that you will be put through to a man who has already had his phone called fifty times that day.

A word of advice, do not take his cursing personal. He does not actually feel that way about your mother. An extra piece of advice, never call the number from the Tommy Tutone song. The owner is sure to be the guy from the previous word of advice.


Photo Credit: Mr. Skin