All The Very Best Of: Playmate Stephanie Glasson

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aldo-vallon - December 21, 2017

   I think it is a sure sign that any woman has made it in life if her "Best of" gallery is nearly fifty pics long. In my entire life I think that only five pics could meet the standards for my greatest hits, and that is including my years as a toddler. I was fat, cute, and stupid kid. How I was not abducted by a child molester is beyond me. I would have jumped in anybody's van and it would not have even taken the promise of candy. I would have been able to smell the remnants of Fundip on his fingers and opened the trunk myself. 

But anyway, it's good to see that Stephanie did not fall prey to any of that rubbish either. My life would feel a little bit more hollow than it already does if I did not have the image of Stephanie spread eagle on a bed. Some women just seem to have the build for nude photo shoots, and those that don't can now have it built for them. Just be sure to not go to any place that offers coupons. That is how one ends up with cross eyed nips. 



Photo Credit: Playboy / Glamour 

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