All The Very Best Of: Stacy Martin’s Hottest Sex Scenes From ‘Nymphomaniac’ And Much More!

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aldo-vallon - May 16, 2018

With a movie named Nymphomaniac one goes into watching it with a certain preconceived idea about what it will contain. Especially when a movie has as much hype surrounding it as this one did.

My ears will perk up at the mere mention of their being nudity in a film and I will have my ticket reserved before the sentence is finished. So when I hear that a major motion picture is going to feature hardcore sex scenes naturally I am going to be intrigued.This flick certainly came through in regards to the reputation it had going into production, but I was a little disappointed when I learned the truth about them.

The sad reality is, Stacy Martin did not even participate in the real sex scenes in the movie. She had a body double. Can you believe that? There are hardworking porn stars that have been dying to have a role that would legitimize their talents, and Stacy comes along and robs them of that opportunity. Now some faceless girl has just been pounded on screen and she gets nothing but a paycheck. I know a lot of women would kill to have that sort of anonymity, but that isn’t going to help out her career any.


Photo Credit: Mr. Skin