Allie Legget Topless in the Foyer

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aldo-vallon - August 24, 2017

 Yep, I have been there before. I tell myself I am only going to have a glass of wine and then that turns into another, then another. And before I know it I am two bottles in by the time I decide to take my afternoon nap on the stairs. But maybe I am jumping to conclusions. I guess it is possible that Allie Legget sexually identifies as a cat. Those furry creatures seem to have a way to make themselves invertebrates in order to sleep in the most uncomfortable positions. When I take my naps on the apartment stairs I make up feeling like I just went a full round with Manny Pacquiao, but those dudes wake up feeling right as rain. So I guess for the sake of Allie's neck I hope she is part feline. Going back to my adolescent crush on Catwoman, that only makes her even more appealing in my eyes. Otherwise I am far from a cat person. I never understood the draw of a cat other than how soft they are. It seems a lot easier to just buy some old lady's mink stole if you are looking for something to cuddle. 

Photo Credit: Sophia Sinclair