Alyshia Kingston Helps Us Say Happy Birthday to Gabe Kaplan

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bill-swift - March 31, 2011

Ex-officio member of the Egotastic! extended family, Gabe Kaplan turned 66 years young today and we couldn't help but gift him this delightfully refined, elegant, and all-around dainty birthday gift of hot model Alyshia Kingston getting all kinds of panties-less and nekkid for oglers everywhere. Why the present of Alyshia Kingston for Gabe? Well, why the heck not? She's hot, boobtastic, and not wearing any pants, the three parts of a great gift for any man, let alone the dude who beat Robert Conrad in a sprint to settle an ugly dispute on the Battle of the Network Stars in the mid 70's. Keep on keeping on, Mr. Kotter. And, happy birthday.