Alyssa Arce Naked Hot and Wet in ‘Chasing Time’

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bill-swift - April 4, 2016

Alyssa Arce, the Playboy model, and all around naughty bodied hottie who shows up, takes off her clothes, and makes many a man and Sapphic leaning woman happy in their shorts, took to the short film Chasing Time to reveal an upscale lady in heat having the run of the mansion. It reminds me of every dream I've never had about inviting a wicked hot model over to my estate to do wicked things in the buff. All I need now is the estate and the ridiculously sextastic naked model. So I'm down to two steps.

Alyssa Arce has a body that was built for show. The fact that she obliges us so just means she's got a good heart. And so many other desirable body parts. I stopped counting when I passed out. But I was at nineteen nibble worthy areas and I was still above the waist. Oh, to come home and find her naked in the chaise lounge chairs I borrowed without permission from the local Radissom. Dream big or go home. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: 'Chasing Time' Rogoish Films