Amazon Hot Box Is A Modern Sexploitation Flick With Tons Of Boobs

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earl-jonas - March 21, 2019


Given the proliferation of streaming services hungry for pretty much and any and all content, it's surprising that we don't have more truly shameless and fun sexploitation movies. Making movies in the 70's - the heyday of sexploitation - took time and effort, and now that we can create a flick using a cell phone, you'd think that we could rival even the thirstiest 70's filmmakers with hot crazy boob-forward content. But we can't. Or can we? Amazon Hot Box is a piping hot pile of T&A and you can currently stream it on Amazon Prime Video. Here's the jizz-st:

The evil warden of a jungle prison conducts voodoo experiments on her female prisoners.

Truly, what more could you want. Hit the gallery for some the highlights, and make sure to catch the last pic for a bloody good time ;)

Head here for the full scenes

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin