Amber Turner’s Little Bit Of Nip Slip

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aldo-vallon - November 14, 2017

 The smile that is on Amber Turner's face must be the look that women make as they are being told their areola is visible. There is the initial miscomprehension at the information she is given. A merciful friend says, "I can see your areola." And Amber replies, "Don't call me a reola!" 

Then the first wave of understanding hits her, followed soon after by denial. She thinks, "That's impossible, I do not even have nipples." And she hopes the whole predicament will go away on its own.

It won't, of course. She will catch her reflection in a window and see the unmistakable pink that is the cause of her shame. This will cause her to perform a series of odd maneuvers to try and get her nip back into place. She will dance the macarena. She will do the twist. She will do anything within her abilities to achieve her goal, but it will all be unsuccessful. If anything, things will only get worse.

Just like a man with wedgie, eventually she will accept her position and admit that it is indeed her pepperoni nipples. She will use her hands for their intended purpose and guide that boob back into place, setting everything right in the world.

Photo Credit: Splash News

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