Amberleigh West Topless Outdoors, The Final Centerfold

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bill-swift - January 16, 2016

Amberleigh West is to be the final nude centerfold for Playboy the magazine, not Playboy the digital side we know and will continue to lust and hold dear for their tons of nudity. Still, she's quite a epic totem pole if you will of a bygone era when crazy hot girls named Amberleigh could take their tops off out in nature and we all golf clapped and held our breath. Oh, boy am I holding my breath.

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Mother Nature has designed a billion and one treats for the five senses but none shall ever surpass the naked amazing looking alluring model like Amberleigh, all kinds of booty perfect and funbag fine just making her way in this world posing and preening and prancing topless through the daisies. That's a scientific fact. You probably would've paid more attention in science class in school if it had featured a topless Amberleigh West. Just guessing. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PlayboyPlus